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New Member [Dec. 27th, 2007|04:51 pm]
1. Who is your favorite newsie and why? Always Mush! Just loveable and want to give him a huge hug every time I see him on tv.  Aaron is soooo adorably cute:)
2. Who is your favorite bad guy in the movie and why? Weasel, cause that's what he is.
3. What is your favorite newsie quote? "My lovey, dovey baby I got no coochie coo for you!"
4. What is your favorite scene? Opening Sequence
5. What is your favorite song? "Seize the day!" Wonderful harmonies:)
6. Which character from the movie can you relate to the most and why? I'm not sure on this one:(

I've loved newsies since it first came out. I bought the soundtrack and the lyrics book that came with it.  Mush has always been my favorite character I just melt when I see him.

[User Picture]From: da_shnarfles
2007-12-28 02:45 am (UTC)
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