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New Multi-Fandom RP! [Dec. 8th, 2007|05:42 am]


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Come Join the World of Earthera...


Name of the RP: Tondeo Quis Vos Sow ~ Reap What You Sow

Basic setting: 2166 A.D., Aristad, Earthera

Maximum rating: NC-17

Background Information: 

For centuries, the warlords of the Heavens - the Sereph (SAIR-uff), and the warlords of the Underworld - the Ki (k-EYE) have fought countless battles over control of what both sides refer to as "the Aristad."  The Aristad is the land that connects heaven to the underworld on the planet Earthera.  Both the Ki and the Sereph find each other unworthy of keeping control of the Aristad.  The Sereph fight for peace and unity of all living things and are generally selfless.  The Ki are tyrannical, power-hungry, and blood-thirsty. 

During the time these two groups of individuals had fought, two additional organizations were born out of the continuous struggle for the planet - the Gui (g-WEE) and the Fallkin (FAWL-kin).  The Gui thrive on an island called "the Wasteland" just off of Aristad's main peninsula, demonstrating constant resilience from the war and never choosing any one side to join.  The Fallkin reside within the main city of Quepa and are made up of "normal" individuals who have directly been affected by death, famine, and general depression because of the war, and they fight to keep their land for the free people, someday hoping to reunite the lands and species and renew life and prosperity in Earthera.

Plot Summary:

With war constantly raging within and around the Aristad, it has become fruitless and ravaged.  Tears in the land the Ki and the Sereph have used for centuries for traveling from their dimensions to Earthera has become altered, inconspicuously re-opening gateways to other worlds long ago sealed by the Ki in order to keep away "outsiders."  Your character has in some way fallen through a portal into one of these gateways and has landed in Earthera.  Unable to return to his or her own world, your character must find their own path through an untamed land.  Choose a side wisely and trust no one.

Update on current characters:

Vincent Valentine - Final Fantasy VII
Yuffie Kisaragi - Final Fantasy VII
Yuna - Final Fantasy X/X-2
Rikku - Final Fantasy X/X-2
Edward - Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter 
Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop
Arashi Kishuu - X/1999

Any characters from any fandom are welcome!  The game hasn't started yet so there's still time - please join!  Even if we only get 3 to 5 more participants, it could still turn out to be a great RP! :)


[User Picture]From: bellumed
2007-12-09 01:33 am (UTC)
d) Only Disney-related promoting is allowed.

Since this has nothing to do with Newsies, I suggest that you delete this.
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